Back to the subject of alchemists, The Alchemical World I'm now proud to offer my readers a story regarding alchemy, voodoo, shopping, dimensional gateways, and a haunted mansion run by Betsy the Necromancer. Yes, it's my Gothic black comedy version of the light fantasy novel and the spiritual precursor to Penny Dreadful. What's the title, you ask? Well, it's A Formula For Chaos, first book of the Alchemy trilogy. Here's what my fellow authors have to say:

A Formula For Chaos had the formula for a good read-a strong, page-turning plot with lots of action, unusual and unexpected magical lore, and sympathetic characters with interesting problems....

Diana Paxson
Author of The Serpent's Tooth, The
White Raven
and theWestria cycle.

I thoroughly enjoyed A Formula For Chaos. Not only do we get solid characters moving within a well-realized world, but unlike most humorous fantasies, the writing displays real wit-a civilized quality and an unfortunately rare one these days.

Katharine Kerr
Author of the Deverry series,
Freezeframes and Palace

Besides praise from my fellow authors, A Formula For ChaosAgent of Chaos Membership Card has won me academic honors, but unfortunately as yet, no printed book contract. However, if you would like to read first three chapters, and possibly purchase an electronic copy of the rest, just click on the Agent of Chaos charter membership card. Yes, those who've bought an electronic copy have become card-carrying Agents of Chaos, with the right to put the nifty membership card on their Web Pages (with a reciprocal link from the Agents of Chaos membership list) or even carry it in their wallets if they have access to a color printer.