My most recent short story, "The Perfumer's Apprentice,"was written Paizo's world of Golarion and their free web fiction feature. It's the sequel to "The Secret of the Rose and Glove," also done for their web fiction, both featuring my 18th century alchemist Norret Gantier. I've also contributed part four of "Prodigal Sons," another Golarion adventure first serialized in the Kingmaker adventure path but now available as an epub. My other works for Golarion include a couple bestiary monsters and a short story, "The Three Rimes," for Wayfinder #6, Paizo's fanzine, which is free PDF download -- plus I went slightly mad and wrote "The Fifteen Loves of Golarion," a heroic crown of sonnets done as dramatic monologues from fifteen of the iconic characters, featured as a Valentine's day blog special.

I am also proud to announce that the full 'Bryce Pierponte' triptych is out in Esther Friesner's 'supernatural suburbia' anthology trilogy, and the first and third of my stories were selected for the free preview from Baen--though to read the second, you need to buy the book. The stories are 'Tacos for Tezcatlipoca' in Witch Way to the Mall, 'Frijoles for Fenris' in Strip Mauled, and 'Tecate for Hecate' in Fangs for the Mammaries. A while ago I also broke back into the world of poetry, with three poems in the Fall issue of Light Quarterly and another appearing in Hastur, Pussycat! Kill! Kill! from Vox13.

So far as my shorter vampire fiction goes, "The Red Elixir," an alchemical tale is out in the Dark Tyrants Dark Tyrant's cover scan anthology, set in the world of Vampire: Dark Ages. Another historical vampire story, "The Nightwatch is a Lonely Vigil," will be appearing in Brothers of Darkness, the sequel to Sons of Darkness, just out from Circlet Press-and while it isn't a vampire story, Circlet will also be publishing the third tale of my San Francisco Goth cycle, "Stereopticon," to be appearing in Noirotica II. Plus, for those who like their horror stories short and sweet, two tales, "Death for Death" and "Special Interests" (coauthored with Lillian Csernica) appeared in Barnes & Noble 365 Scary Stories. And back to the subject of vampires, I'm glad to announce that the files for "Masquerade," my White Wolf vampire novella, and "The Croquet Mallet Murders," my Calafian vampire story, suddenly came to light, and I've been able to put samples of them online.