Penny Dreadful & Mister Mistoffelees--Mister M now with new GLOWING EYE ACTION! My second novel for White Wolf, titled Penny Dreadful, was available on their website as a free PDF download, first published as a weekly serial as a proper Victorian penny dreadful should be, then archived, but as it was part of the old World of Darkness, it is no longer available there. Thankfully, you can still read it, as I have a copy here now, all in one book in friendly PDF format. Following the further of adventures of Penny from "Silver Nutmeg, Golden Pear" in Truth Until Paradox. Penny's a Goth girl with a lunchbox full of magick tricks and a talking black cat named Mister Mistoffelees. Penny and Mister M- have also appeared in City of Darkness: Unseen and Jim Moore's Outcasts game book, where this portrait is taken from. Here's the back-cover copy as I wrote it up, as an extra teaser:

The Perils of Penelope

Penelope Anne Drizkowski-Penny Dreadful to her friends-leads an interesting life, but it's starting to get just a bit too interesting.

prime psi Pretty Penny prime psi

First off, a young lady has enough trouble fending off unwanted advances, but what is one to do when they're from vampires? What about werewolves?

sconce gifLucky Pennysconce gif

Kiki's Jiji Then again, most girls aren't witches. With the help of a silver luckpiece, a mummified hand and a talking black cat, any number of things are possible.

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For example, protecting two helpless orphans. Well, not completely helpless-and their father's a vampire, so they're not precisely orphaned either-but Melanie and Malory Gorian still need her help, and she intends to give it.

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Of course, mixing Jewish folklore with Catholic heresy isn't the best idea, especially when you add magick. And looking for helpful hints in an evil sorceress's Books of Shadows doesn't exactly help matters, especially when our heroine is forced to use an ancient and obscene rite, too dreadful to be mentioned here, except to relate that it will shock, horrify and amaze!

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Black magick, windswept mansions, ghostly visitations, sinister housekeepers and any number of locked chests-as well as butter knives, Number Two pencils, fountain pens and Hello Kitty. After all, this is '90s, and Goth is in.