Kevin's Anthology Fiction

Card Sharks cover scan "Cursum Perficio" in Card Sharks, Volume I of the Wild Cards: Card Sharks trilogy from Baen Books. Edited by George R.R. Martin.

This story is set in 1962 Hollywood, in the dark and gritty alternate reality of the Wild Cards universe. It concerns my ace detective Nick, Marilyn Monroe, Hedda Hopper, drugs, intrigue, murder, and all the other glitz and glamour of that era. Plus superhuman powers, deformed victims of the wild card, fabulous sex and method acting. What more could you want?

Die, Elvis! Die! cover scan "'I'm Having Elvis' Baby!' by Miss Janet Carter of Pope County, Arkansas" in The King is Dead: Tales of Elvis Post Mortem from Delta. Edited by Paul M. Sammon.

I brashed my way in to this closed anthology by calling Paul direct, asking politely, and finishing with, "You don't have any 'Elvis is stolen by the elves' stories yet, do you?" No, Paul explained, he didn't....

Splatterpunks II cover scan "Headturner" -- coauthored with Thomas S. Roche -- in Splatterpunks II: Over the Edge from Tor. Edited by Paul M. Sammon.

This story Thomas and I wrote with the intention of getting a rejection slip from the long deceased "Nothing is too extreme for us!" New Blood magazine, for, of course, being too extreme. Dealing with entrails, transexuals, kinky sex and razor-edged tongues -- all most poignantly and respectfully, mind you -- we soon obtained the longed-for rejection slip, followed by a quick sale to Aberations, where the editor told us, Your story is at once beautiful, disquieting and disgusting. We must have it. Besides, we don't know where else you'd sell it. But, after Aberations nearly sank in the Midnight Zoo mess (and there's another story), we pulled it and sold it to Paul.

Bobbi dominatrix jpgTo follow this up, Thomas and I have now sold it a second time--this time to Glenn Danzig. It will be coming out in comics form in Verotika #12--and we've been asked to do more work for them as well.

Weird Tales from Shakespeare cover scan "Mercury of the Wise" in Weird Tales from Shakespeare from DAW. Edited by Katharine Kerr.

Instead of the story of Romeo and Juliet, which everyone knows, this is the behind-the-scenes tale of Mercutio and Rosaline, what happened, and why the circumstances of Will Shakespeare's play transpired as they did. Not to mention what happened after the curtain fell...

Enchanted Forests cover scan "'I'll Give You Three Wishes...'" in Enchanted Forests from DAW. Edited by Katharine Kerr. (Check out the Table of Contents.)

This story I pitched to Kit with the idea "You know the old business of the wood nymphs going, 'Oh please, Mr. Woodcutter. Don't cut down my tree. If you don't, I'll give you three wishes!" "As a matter of fact, you see that tree over there? That bitch has been blocking my sunlight for the past hundred years. I'll give you three more wishes if..."

I, Vampire cover scan "The Croquet Mallet Murders" in I, Vampire from Longmeadow Press. Edited by Jean Stine & Forrest J. Ackerman.

This is my first published tale of the Island of California, including the Outcast Club, refuge of the cursed albeit successful of magical Los Angeles. As with the rest of the stories in the book, it's a first-person vampire story, but with several twists. Featuring Jack, the vampire bouncer; Carlos, the Jaetatura (which is the old-fashioned way of saying he's got the evil eye), and Charlie, Carlos's fetch. It got a Sturgeon nomination, and I'm wanting to write more stories with the characters. Jim the werewolf lawyer is next.

Shimmering Door cover scan "Dead and Gone" in The Shimmering Door from Harper Collins. Edited by Katharine Kerr. (Read Kit's Introduction.)

The second of my Isle of California tales, this time set in San Francisco, involving Vince, the lovelorn lich. Beyond that, I really shouldn't say, other than that it shows more of the magic and the world of the (as yet unpublished) Formula for Chaos trilogy, which I'm still tinkering with...

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