Kevin's RPG Work

Aces Abroad cover scan GURPS Wild Cards: Aces Abroad. (Out of Print.) Steve Jackson Games.

This is the first book I wrote all on my own. It's all by me, instead of just sections. It also got me my gig writing for Wild Cards. For superhero gamers, it's also a really fun globe-hopping adventure, with illustrations by Doug Schuler of Magic Card fame.

Wilderlands of Zaran cover scan The Cyclopedia Talislanta Vol. III: The Wilderlands of Zaran. Bard Games.

After an article in Dragon magazine, this was my first pro gaming work. Dealing with the cursed City of Maruk and lots of other fun stuff. Still available, despite the fall of Bard Games long ago. (And I have yet to see any royalties, despite the many copies which are still to be found....)

Western Lands cover scan The Cyclopedia Talislanta Vol. IV: The Western Lands. Bard Games.

I did the section on Silvanus and Werewood, writing about Gypsies and vaguely Germanic witches. My personal favorite in the series, and something easily clipped and imported into AD&D or any other basic fantasy game world.

Desert Kingdoms cover scan The Cyclopedia Talislanta Vol. VI: The Desert Kingdoms. Bard Games.

I wrote the Djaffa (Bedouin tribesmen) adventure "The Obsidian Mask Race." It's very tied in with the culture of Talislanta, but could probably be imported along with the Djaffir into other game worlds.

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