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The Beast Within cover scan "Masquerade" in The Beast Within from White Wolf. Edited by Stewart Wieck. First World of Darkness Vampire: The Masquerade anthology.

This is my first White Wolf story, dealing with Phil, the Malkavian method actor, Halloween, vampiric birthday parties, satannic rituals and of course the all important multiple personality disorders. It was great fun to write, and started my string with White Wolf -- also introducting Giancarlo Giovanni, who figures in Thomas Roche's later World of Darkness stories.

Death & Damnation cover scan "The Ties That Bind" in Death & Damnation from White Wolf (Out of Print). Edited by Staley Krause and Stewart Wieck. First World of Darkness Wraith: The Oblivion anthology.

This story introduces Peter and the Waydown, both of whom figure heavily in the later Hollow One stories in the series. It's unfortunately slipped out of print, due to the major reboot White Wolf is giving the Wraith line, which makes some of the stories less-than-cannon. But it's still fun, and I'm proud of the story. I've included the story here in its entirety for those who wish to contact the dead in the Great Beyond, or at least whatever section of the Akashic Records pertains to Out of Print books, though for those who like collectible hard-copy, I've found that Barnes & Noble can still get them from their distributor. Regardless, everyone, meet Thaddeus Anthony Winter, my Victorian Robber Baron lawyer ghost...

Truth Until Paradox cover scan "Silver Nutmeg, Golden Pear" in Truth Until Paradox from White Wolf. Edited by Staley Krause and Stewart Wieck. First World of Darkness Mage: The Ascension anthology.

This is the first story to introduce Penny in an actual speaking role (though she has previous mention in the Book of Shadows game book). It's interlaced with "Grim Reminders" by Jim Moore (and in clear fact each story is listed as being by both of us, although Jim wrote only one scene in mine and I wrote only one in his). Regardless (as Penny would say) it deals with Goth girls, talking cats, ancient witches and mansions that fail to dance on chicken legs (though are surrounded by fences of skulls). Penny is one of my clear favorites, and one of the best roommates to have in your head, as authors look at these things.

City of Darkness: Unseen cover scan "The Dark of the Year" in City of Darkness: Unseen from White Wolf. Edited by Erin Kelly and Stewart Wieck. First World of Darkness free-for-all. Vampires, Were wolves, Mages and Wraiths all in there together, mass hysteria, etc.

Continuing the story of Peter and Thaddeus from "The Ties That Bind", though this time from Peter's viewpoint. Also, written first-person stream-of-consciousness with Peter's rather salty Goth-Punk descriptions. With a cameo by Penny, and a major role for Jodi Blake, Jim's villainess nonpariel, who also caused trouble in "Silver Nutmeg, Golden Pear"" and "Grim Reminders."

The Splendour Falls cover scan "Sealskin" in The Splendour Falls from White Wolf. Edited by Erin Kelly. First World of Darkness Changeling: The Dreaming anthology.

This is my Santa Cruz surfer selkies story. It was a real joy to write, and a tale I'd been wanting to tell for a long while (as well as my way of slipping selkies into the Changeling cannon).

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