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Dragon #146 cover scan Magazine-wise, I got my start with an article titled "If You Wish Upon a Star...." way back in Dragon #146. It's long out of print (and I only sold first rights as it was), so I've included it all on its own web page for all the classic fantasy gamers.

Worlds of Fantasy & Horror cover scan This past year, I had a short-short in Worlds of Fantasy & Horror #2, which, if you notice the typeface of the logo, is the direct continuation of the old and venerable Weird Tales, publisher of Howard and Lovecraft. I sold "A Cup of Honeysuckle" while it was still under the old name, but in the interrim, the owners of the title asked for more money than the magazine was able to pay. But we know what it is.

Permission #7 cover scan Permission #8 cover scan Most recently, I've had short stories in the latest issues of Permission -- "Box of Talent" in Issue 7 and "Clove Smoke" just out in Issue 8. These are both examples of my non- World of Darkness San Francisco Goth stories, with the old-fashioned interlocking characters and all that. I plan to be writing another soon, probably focusing on Alphonse.

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