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Mage 2nd cover scan Mage: The Ascension. 2nd Edition. White Wolf Game Studio.

The main things I take the credit/blame for in this book is the complete revamp on the Spheres and the expansion of the basic rotes. I also did a number of the examples. I'm very pleased with the way it turned out, and it looks like other people were too, since it took GAMA's Best Role-Playing Game of the Year award at the recent Origins convention.

Book of Shadows cover scan The Book of Shadows: Mage Players Guide. White Wolf Game Studio.

This is the first of the Mage books I worked on. I did the child mages section (Yes, you too can play Calvin & Pippi Longstocking!), plus lots of the Merits and Flaws, as well as the Rotes--including Penny Dreadful's Bright New Penny, which is Penelope Anne Drizkowski's signature trick.

Hidden Lore cover scan Hidde n Lore. (Bundled with 2nd edition Storyteller's Screen.) White Wolf Game Studio.

Basic quick referrence book for Mage 2nd, with extra rotes and so on. The one-page sphere descriptions are mostly my work, as are some of the charts on the Storyteller's Screen.

Freeholds & Hidden Glens cover scan Freeholds and Hidden Glens. White Wolf Game Studio.

This is the book of faerie places in the World of Darkness for use with Changeling. I did the Terebinthea/Elfland section, chronicling Santa Cruz and UC Santa Cruz through fey eyes. Go Slugs!

Immortal Eyes/Toybox cover scan Immortal Eyes: The Toybox. White Wolf Game Studio.

The first adventure book book based on Jackie Cassada's trilogy. The appendix on selkies is my work, and of course a must for any player who wants to play one.

Book of Crafts cover My most recent work for White Wolf is the Children of Knowledge for the new Mage Book of Crafts. I was a bit busy finishing Penny, but Wade Racine and Aaron Anderson did a wonderful job on the final version of the ancient alchemist's guild-and they did an equally great job on the Wu Lung, the Taoist magicians in the same volume. I'm very glad to see the alchemists properly statted up. I hope to be doing more work with them in the future.

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